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The home otherwise known as the St John of Kronstadt Home was created some thirty years ago thanks to the efforts of a hard working group under the guidance of Alexandra I Merger.
Alexandra Merger liked to say that "By baking over and over a Russian delicacy called "Pelmeny" we finally baked a modest home" following its opening in 1982.
Alexandra Merger and her helpers, who got together on a weekly basis, to make the "pelmeny", are now long gone to a better world. Although the pelmeny sold almost immediately, it stands the reason, that it took more than pelmeny to build the Home. Without elaborating on the labors involved, let us look at the results.
The current St John of Kronstadt Home is located in that part of Hollywood where some hundred years ago, settled the families of the technicians employed by the early movie industry studios. Small cottages surrounded by gardens were typical of the day.
Hollywood has undergone many a change since then, but the area is still dominated by small cottages. The St John of Kronstadt Home seems to fit perfectly in the area what with its one story structure and red tile roof; it gives the appearance of a larger family home. Let us face it - it is exactly that, a large family home, located on a quiet street, blending with the environment. Like many houses it is surrounded by a wrought iron fence. Open the gate and enter a small attractive garden with blooming flowers and manicured planters. Follow the walk path leading to the main entrance. Once in, you would never think in terms of an institution, but rather that you are visiting the home of a friend. The furnishings help to enhance this feeling of home comfort.
A long hallway continues from the entrance foyer. Its walls display paintings, many depicting a russian theme. On the left, a large living room with its traditional "red corner", displaying religious icons and a small altar, where once a month is celebrated a divine liturgy and special services, molebens. It is furnished with soft furniture, a persian carpet, pictures on the walls, curtains on the windows and a bookcase in the corner with a selection of books. On the left, the office of the "mistress" (the administrator) Liana Vertelkina, in charge of the Home. The office does not differ much from a home office if it were not for the volume of documents of a distinctly business flavor. Absent there is the cold spartan feeling typical of an institution of this kind. Walking further along the hallway, on the left, a door opens to the dining hall: In the corner a large icon with a votive light.
Tables with gay colored table cloths, awaiting a large family for their next meal. Adjacent to the dining hall, a bright kitchen, equipped with all the latest equipment. The guests are offered four russian style meals. Two cooks and a helper work there using only fresh produce of good quality.

Further down the hall, the laundry room, the common showers and 18 individual rooms and a larger one for two people provide the necessary living comforts.

St. John of Kronstadt Memorial Fund, Inc.
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